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Gurvinder Ahluwalia

Digital Twin Labs
Founder & CEO
Dallas/Fort Worth Area
- Practitioner: Architecture and implementation work in Blockchain (+Cloud, IoT).
- Enterprise / Business Processes: Blockchain application in enterprise settings and transaction systems.
- Integration: Kintting of modern technologies: Cryptoassets, Blockchain, Cloud, IoT (and increasingly AI/ML, though I don't assert as an expert in the latter). Integration models with legacy systems.
- Formation & Monetization: Blockchain based marketplaces. Digital token based venture formations.

Gurvinder Ahluwalia has stewarded clients and industry through our recent waves and reordering triggered by technology. His passion these days includes digitally native, decentralized patterns for trust and transfer of assets and value.
As former CTO at IBM for Blockchain-Cloud-IoT, Guri delivered large savings and growth to over 700 clients. He blazed the trail with seminal experiments in 2013 on Blockchain by IBM and Samsung, resonated widely in industry and media. This led to IBM’s foray into Blockchain through investments in a new business unit, product line, and Hyperledger open source. Among his other clients like American Airlines for Cloud, Guri shepherded the relationship and incubated the solution for IBM Blockchain’s marque client Everledger, the first blockchain for provenance and global supply of diamonds in the world.
Currently, as Founder & CEO of Digital Twin Labs, Gurvinder’s bias is towards execution of blockchain. His team tests business models, builds MVP’s, scales products, and participates in venture formations motivated by blockchain, crypto-assets, and digital tokens for startups and some of the largest global brands. He is widely regarded by startups, enterprises, and media for his seminal contributions to the industry in proving blockchain as a next generation architecture for IoT. Early in his career at Motorola, Gurvinder deployed the second largest enterprise network in the world at the commercial dawn of another esoteric disruption of our times called TCP/IP.

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